Monthly Archives: April 2013

Seven Spring Haikus

I see a live bee

Swaying on my garden wall –

Winter bearing spring



Shuffling out for mail

I look up at a night sky

Stars   moon   and cold clouds



Lying awake, midnight

counting syllables on my

fingers for haikus



My neighbor’s rusty

vans parked in their driveway like

two sad elephants



Kneeling and peeping

through the closed blinds at the full

moon, the sky’s headlight



L.E.D. flashlight

Looking glass – spelunking the

Cavern of my mouth




Whisper your mystery,

Wisteria. Dream, droop,

Spring stalactite.

Love of My Life



Love of My Life came of humble origins, I

might even say “mean”

possibly conceived amongst the swivel racks

of the public library

a mating of Harlequin and Silhouette

but no —

into the mix you must throw in the Gothic twins

Heathcliff and Catherine

their love infernal though not necessarily carnal

fed Love of My Life

til it grew strong enough

to stand front and center.

Til everything – ambition, spontaneity

and love itself

bowed to Love of My Life.

“Love of My Life”

mantra repeated


all argument ended.