Me, Natasha and the White Donkey by Baek Seok

(translated from the Korean by geul)


I, a poor man,
love the beautiful Natasha and so
tonight the snow tumbles down


I do love Natasha and
the snow does tumble down
I sit sadly alone drinking soju
While I drink soju, I think
Natasha and I
A night of piling snow, let’s ride a white donkey
and go into the mountains, go into the wailing mountains and live in a hut


The snow tumbles down and
I think of Natasha
Natasha will surely come
Sometime, already, she has come within me quietly and says
Going into the mountains isn’t losing to the world
The world is dirty so you throw it away


The snow tumbles down
The beautiful Natasha loves me
Somewhere the white donkey too will cry heehaw heehaw from joy at the night


the poem in the original Korean

About Baek Seok

Another translation




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