Sleet by Gi Hyeong-do (진눈깨비, 기형도)

(translated from the Korean by geul)


In good time sleet falls blown here and there
Inside my coat pocket there is a stiff hand
That snow, trudging through streets I don’t know,
Will wander between guys and buildings
I’ve never even seen once before
A rectangular brown envelope falls down over the snowy road, I pause in the
    middle of bending over and
I think: I made quite a few resolutions graduating from college
The sleet falls, there’s nothing to be surprised at, you fickle legs
I once read about this kind of road home in some novel
Memories called forth many times through my shoe soles are stepped on
In a dark alley there is an empty truck stopped with its lights on
Drunken guys fall down, I remember the day sleet fell scattering
There was a time in my youth when I’d ride the bus all day long
Near an old white wall some people in a group brush off the snow
Sleet pours, suddenly tears flow, I’m unhappy


It wasn’t this, I’ve gone through a life time’s worth of experience, sleet


Original Korean version


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