Night Snow by Gi Hyeong-do (밤눈, 기형도)

(translated from the Korean by geul)

When your insides are opened the silver threads that froze up and melted oh how many times and that changed places with yet another movement each time the wind blew are tangled up crying.  On the ground the rotten branches under the ice lay prostrate with eyes slivered.  In what color did you dream of yet another love as you nailed low in the sky piece by piece the light that could be given to no one? The savage and silent night in which no one clothed your soul, what remained on the frozen land that kept launching your dance into the air? In the sky in all the spaces you have passed the wind is blowing.  Oh, oh, world full of shadows of poplars, at its end with a temperature unable even to take a first step toward death you are roaming through yet another sky.  When your insides are opened.

poem in original Korean


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