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“How to fight loneliness” by Wilco and Choi Seung-ja’s “In order not to be lonely”

I serendipitously discovered two poems about dealing with loneliness. One is a song by Wilco, an American alternative rock band from Chicago. I translated the English lyrics of the song into Korean in case anyone out there was thirsting for a translation.  The other is a Korean poem by Choi Seung-ja, which is translated below.


How to fight loneliness – Wilco (click to listen)


How to fight loneliness
Smile all the time
Shine your teeth ’til meaningless
Sharpen them with lies

And whatever’s going down
Will follow you around
That’s how you fight loneliness
You laugh at every joke
Drag your blanket blindly
Fill your heart with smoke
And the first thing that you want
Will be the last thing you ever need
That’s how you fight it

Just smile all the time
Just smile all the time
Just smile all the time
Just smile all the time


외로움을 싸우는 법
항상 웃어
의미 없을 때까지 이를 빛나게 해
거짓으로 이를 날카롭게 갈아

그리고 뭐가 일어나던지
그게 널 따라다닐 거야
그렇게 외로움을 싸워
모든 농담에 웃고
네 담요를 장님처럼 끌고
네 마음을 연기로 가득 채우고
그리고 네가 원하는 첫 번째는
네가 필요하지 않을 것인 거야
그렇게 외로움을 싸워

그냥 항상 웃어
그냥 항상 웃어
그냥 항상 웃어
그냥 항상 웃어


In order not to be lonely by Choi Seung-ja


In order not to be lonely
I eat a lot
In order not to suffer
I drink a bit of alcohol
In order not to dream
I swallow a sleeping pill.
Lastly, I turn off the switch
to my brain


Then all night long only the sound of the clock
walks around the empty room
However, listen carefully
Saddened by the careless absence
my shoes fall to the side and weep


poem in Korean