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Favorite Poems: The Jars by Paul Celan

(translated by Pierre Joris)


At the long table of time
God’s jars are boozing.
They guzzle the eyes of the seeing and the eyes of the blind,
the hearts of the ruling shadows,
the hollow cheek of evening.
They are the mightiest of boozers:
they raise to their lips the empty as well as the full
and don’t spill over like you or I.


original German poem



Favorite Poems: The Black Messengers (Los Heraldos Negros) by César Vallejo

(translated by Rachel Benson)

There are some blows in life so hard… I don’t know!
Blows that seem to come from God’s hatred; as if before them,
the backwash of all suffering
were welling into my soul…I don’t know!

They are few, but they are… They open dark furrows
in the toughest faces and the strongest backs.
Perhaps they are the colts of barbarous attilas;
or the black messengers sent us by Death.

They are the grave downfall of the soul’s Christs,
of some adorable faith that Destiny curses.
Those bloody blows are the crackling
of bread heating for us at the oven door.

And man… Poor… poor man! He turns his head
the way we do when a hand is clapped on our shoulder;
he turns his crazed eyes, and all living
is damned up in that glance, like a puddle of guilt.

There are some blows in life so hard… I don’t know!


read the poem in the original Spanish


The Leper by Seo Jeong-ju

(translated from the Korean by geul)


Sun and sky
grieved the leper so

when the moon rose over the barley field
he ate a baby

and all night long cried a cry, red like a flower


*According to Korean folklore,  leprosy could be cured by eating the liver of a child.