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At Muneui Village by Go Eun (Ko Un)

(translated from the Korean by geul)

I went to Muneui in winter and saw.
How the road that led there
barely met others that split off.
Death wishes the road be desolate as death itself.
The roads close their ears once with dry sounds
and extend out toward the cold side.
But life turns around on the road
to return to the sleeping village to let fly the ashes
and because I abruptly cross my arms
the far mountain is too near.
Snow, you cover up death, what more will you cover?

I went to Muneui in winter and saw.
While holding life in its arms,
to the end, Death declines an individual death
then hearing the sound of people
it goes forward a ways and turns to look back.
Because everything is low
in this world the snow falls
and no matter how we throw stones
they do not reach death.
Winter Muneui, the snow covers up death, what more will it cover?


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