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On a Melancholy Day by Kang Yun-hu

(translated from the Korean by geul)


Often I want to tell you how I am
how even after you left I’m doing just fine
industriously going through the world’s food supply
wearing an expression that life couldn’t be better
meeting people, brazenly making up lies
as not to be found out and when I get drunk
boasting confidently
Often, yes, very often I want to let you know
of those days that are as sorry as my boasts
About how I’m full of suspicion as ever and that sordid
cheapness that can only be honest only after I
achieve some peace and fall asleep stupidly
raggedly of my squalid waiting
I want to tell you and decorate your happiness
About living without being sad or sorry in the least bit
a troubled time when only the migratory birds keep promises
though I strew about empty promises to any
woman who comes along
As when a pencil lead breaks if you press too hard
still like an opium addict while gathering
memories of you I abruptly take a misstep and
vainly lean against the wind and open my ears
because it seems maybe from some far off
place where I can’t see you, often you’re sending me a
telegram about how you are


poem in Korean