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he had a dirty-blond goatee
the hem of his pants were frayed
and the threads dragged


he said he was a football player
in high school
then giggled


in the dark of his small room
we sat on the floor
drinking plum tea


listening to King Crimson
waiting for the sun on the mountain
out in the hall people laughed




This is how I’ll remember it:
An argument on the interstate
and coffee in Tucson.
Somebody came over to our table
and said, “See that guy, he’s very smart — but he’s given to drink.”
Thinking about luxuries
driving through the suburban landscape
saying to myself:
“The suburbs aren’t so bad — not bad at all.
I’m sick of the dinge and the fringe —
So, this is what there is.”
And my wild, fragile youth
***********************passed away
like that.









I’m going to hide behind
this poem
it’s my bulletproof vest
my invisible suit.
It can also do double-duty as
noise-reduction earphone.

If you wear it like glasses
you might see non-virtual reality.

Today there’s a special
discounted to $0.00



Paradise Lost


When the day came into view today
I mean I felt its soft warmth
I felt the world relent
or that’s how it felt.
I remembered that I was once young and happy.
Of course then I didn’t know I was young
because I didn’t know what old was.
And I didn’t know I was happy because
I didn’t know what the world was.
Now I just remember and call it happy.
I’m not happy, I can’t be happy anymore but
I can remember being happy.




집. You moved us six times and then twice more after I left home. This was something remarkable among your friends. And to the end you were always ready to entertain the idea of another move. At different times you wanted to run away I know, but where would you run to and what would you do once you got there? You lacked confidence in that life; you said “I pity your father” without much pity. And so that dream faded without much bitterness or so I thought. It was a dream of being alone. But what would you do once you got there? House became life.