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for Aaron Swartz



I had seen the headlines


some kind of computer whiz kid

twenty-two (they got it wrong they always get everything wrong)


and then heard the story second-third-fourth hand

on a leisurely walk for celebratory coffee

(but of course you knew the world would go on without you)

I exclaimed my share of “how terrible how terrible how awful so young”

and again at the cafe

we talked about you, excoriated the prosecutor woman. . .


you wanted to punch a hole, just a small one

to let the world breathe

but didn’t you know, fresh air is poison


every youth finds out and grows old – or dies

you died


what avalanche did you hear roaring behind you

you saw the ghouls and the insane at the helm, didn’t you

it always does paralyze one


Aaron Swartz, I didn’t know you

but today and tomorrow I will mourn you