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Vallejo and his pants


Vallejo meditated on ways to make his pants last



In the end you kneel
before physics


when it gets too cold in Michigan
stray kittens lose their paws to frostbite
(what do they do after that?)


Armenians shed family
on the long march
like your lover doing a striptease
all the way to the bedroom
(what is obscene?)


Throw darts at life at history
it’s hard to miss an atrocity




Insuffle-moi ta peine


You drove a cross into days

that tasted like eyebrows

strangled your pain around syllables

for him, over there

the one who doesn’t see you

and    for     parasites like me


today I want to be sad

and so I am

I want to pour sadness over my head

from the swill bucket of sadness

and after I’ve doused myself

I’ll light a match and set sadness on fire

…I’m so tired…


I’ll think of the monk and his immolation

I’ll think of a planet in its isolation

I’ll think of the crushed wing of the butterfly

I’ll think of the salesman’s smile, the girl who didn’t cry

I’ll think of what I don’t remember

I’ll remember to close the door

open it again